Happy Fourth

emma crawford standing on her pony Gabby and holding an american flag. gabby's bonnet and saddle pad are decorated with pinsnickety stars and stripes horse show number pins

Happy Independence Day! In honor of this great holiday, we wanted to share a photo of our friend Emma Crawford performing with her wonder pony Gabby. If you look close, you'll see that Gabby is decked out in Pinsnickety, which we love.

We don't like to be too corny, but we do love supporting our U.S. equestrian athletes. So in this Olympic year, we developed a pin for them to wear on the big international stages. Our Stars and Stripes pins have already been to Santiago with the U.S. Eventing Team, and to Rome and La Baule with the great show jumping rider Aaron Vale.

But you don't have to ride FEI to show a little national pride. These pins were made for you and me! So feel free to grab a pair and support our team--just like Emma.

Our horse show number pins are made for securing your show number on your saddle pad, but as Emma so brilliantly demonstrates, you can also use them to decorate any part of your show ring look. Put a pair on your horse's bonnet, braid or throatlatch, or put a pin on your stock tie, lapel, button hole or backpack. They can go anywhere a pin can go. And let's not get started on all the places you can snap the matching Stars and Stripes charm.

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