So Many Ways to Put a Pin on It!

Our pins are made for your saddle pad. But they look great anywhere a pin can go. Here are a few more ideas for how to use your Pinsnickety horse show pins to add some personality to your turnout.

Put a pin on your bonnet--or three.

Your bonnet pin can match your saddle pad. But we recommend mixing and matching. Unlike other equestrian charms that fly around, our pins stay where you put them.

Put a pin on your cap.

Pinsnickety baseball cap with Shooting Star horse show pin

A great look for those days you're feeling like a star.

Put a pin on your hunt coat.

Pinsnickety Crown lapel pin

Our pins look sharp on a lapel. (Sharp, but not tacky.)

Put a pin on your backpack.

 Pinsnickety equestrian pins can decorate your horse show ring backpack

Add some personality to your pack--and always know which one is yours up at the ring.

Put a pin in your braid.

Pinsnickety braid charm

Work with your braider to incorporate our pins into your plaits. 

Where do you put your pins? Send your creative ideas to or post them online and tag us @pinsnickety.