Put a Pin on Your Stock Tie!

reagan williams wearing a pinsnickety shooting star horse show number pin as a stock tie pin at Aiken for a hunter derby

You don't have to wear a boring old stock tie with Pinsnickety! Check out Reagan Williams, who sported a Shooting Star as a stock tie pin for a recent hunter derby.

We've seen Pinsnickety horse show number pins used as stock tie pins a lot lately, and we love it. Here's Gillian Chadwick, who wore a Crown as a stock tie pin for several successful hunter derby outings this summer.

gillian chadwick wearing a pinsnickety crown horse show number pins as a stock tie pin for a hunter derby

We have so many designs that would look amazing on a stock tie. What about a BOOM!, some Carrots, a Gem, or a Dumpster Fire? Our pin posts are long enough to secure all those layers of fabric, and our locking clasp means the pointy part of your pin will always stay secure.

Shop our collection for the perfect modern stock tie pin design, and find the one that brings some personality to your hunter look. Once you have a pair, you can also use them for your warmup number, your lapel, your backpack, and lots of other places, too.

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