A Better Hunt Coat Button

 You know what's more fun than boring old buttons? Pinsnickety! 

pinsnickety chicken and dumpster fire horse show number pins as hunt coat buttons

If you have a hunt coat with removable buttons, our pins will slot in perfectly. 

That's what Stacie Seidman did to put together this hilarious look for her first time back in the show ring in a minute, mixing up our Chicken Pins and classic Dumpster Fires. But we're sure she'll be ready for Dragons by the next show. (Thanks to the great Chelsea Lothrop for this lovely photo.)

Our long posts give you enough room for everything to fit, and our locking clasps mean they will not fall off.

pinsnickety horseshoe horse show number pin used as a hunt coat button beside a pony

And if one of your sewn-on buttons falls off, our pins will serve you well in that situation too. Emma Crawford lost a button months ago, but has had so much fun using our pins instead that she hasn't bothered to sew it back on.

pinsnickety chicken horse show number pin used as a hunt coat button on a pony rider

Over the course of the summer and fall seasons, but she's swapped out several different styles.

This use is just one of several ways Pinsnickety can help you add a little subtle personality to your show ring look. A Pinsnickety button will fit right in any show ring. 

Shop our collection, and find the "button" design that brings some personality to your hunter look. Once you our pins, you can also use them for your show number, your stock tie, your lapel, your backpack, and lots of other places, too.

And, a reminder that a new USEF rule is coming in December that will require your horse to have a show number at all times. Yet another reason to grab some fun pins and sharpen up your look.

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