New USEF Rule Update

USEF Rule change alert! Starting December 1, all hunter/jumper horses or handlers will have to wear their numbers any time they school or lunge.

You are going to want to start your show week by putting our pins on every number, so they're always ready to go. 

pinsnickety horse show number pins on a stack of numbers

It's a big change, but Pinsnickety can make life easy--and fun--under this new regime. Just pop some pins on your show numbers at the beginning of the week, and they'll be ready to attach whenever they need to--a groom's belt loop or backpack in the lunging arena, a horse's schooling pad when it hacks in the ring, a scrim sheet while grazing, or your riding outfit.

pinsnickety horse show number pins on a rider's outfit for schooling

You can add a number string and leave them on when it's time to show for an extra decoration--or you could pin your number right to your hunt coat.

pinsnickety clover horse show number pins on the back of a rider's hunt coat

With 30 whimsical designs, we surely have a perfect pin for every animal in your barn. And we can make matching custom logo pins for barns that want a uniform look.

Right now, numbers are only required in the show ring unless you're showing FEI or in a major hunter championship, like Derby Finals or Pony Finals. Top hunter riders like Amanda Steege and Chad Keenum and FEI riders like Brianne Goutal and Darby Pease already use our pins for schooling at the big shows. Now that you have to follow the same rules, you should too.

Need inspiration on how to make your schooling look with pins pop? Consult the great Stacie Seidman

pinsnickety gem horse show number pins on a hunter's schooling saddle pad

Our pins have always had lots of other uses for hunter riders, too. They make for terrific stock tie pins, look sharp on a hunt coat lapel, and can replace boring hunt coat buttons. Once you have Pinsnickety, we promise you'll find lots of creative places to put them.

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