Put a Pin in Your Braid!

pinsnickety lightning bolt horse show number pin in a horse's braid.

Have you put a pin in your braid yet? We recommend it.

We wore pins in our braids at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and we thought they looked so sharp that we wanted to teach you how:

1) Secure your pin in your braid after braiding down. Our locking clasp means nothing sharp goes near your horse--or your fingers.

2) Roll or fold your braid as you usually do to tie it up.

3) Look amazing.

It only adds a few seconds to your braiding routine, but it adds a whole lot of wow factor to your look. 

Your braid charm pin can match pins on your show number or bonnet, or it can differ. Our horse show number pins are designed to be mixed and matched and look great in lots of combinations. We love this hot pink Lightning Bolt for a braid, but you do you. We have so many designs just so you can pick the one you love for your look.

Shop our website for the perfect braid pins. And, while you're there: It's not too soon to start thinking of the equestrians on your holiday list. Indoors are over, and the gift-giving season is nearly upon us. Have we mentioned Pinsnickety makes a great stocking stuffer?

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