Pinsnickety In the Winner's Circle, in the Show Ring, and on the Scoreboard at Harrisburg

Pinsnickety had a great show at Harrisburg.

We were there at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show sponsoring the Children's Jumper Classic, where we awarded pins to all of the ribbon winners. Congratulations to all of the great competitors, especially Emma Brody, who won the class with a very slick inside turn on her Carentino Z. 

Here we are in the ring for the award presentation. You can see our signature Shooting Star pins in the photo. 

Pinsnickety presenting awards at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show Children's Jumper Classic

We saw lots of Pinsnickety in the show ring, a sight that warmed our hearts. We hope your Clovers, Flying Unicorns, Rocket Ships, and Shooting Stars brought you luck. They certainly looked amazing. Here's Alexis Mierzwa's Gone Country, all dressed up in Flying Pig pins before the Adult Jumper class on Friday.

pinsnickety flying pigs horse show number pins at Harrisburg

Here's a Lightning Bolt in a braid, like a hot pink charm for a little jolt of energy on classic day.

Pinsnickety Lightning Bolt horse show number pins as a braid charm

Finally, we saw Pinsnickety on the scoreboard all week. It's hard not to love seeing your name in lights.

Pinsnickety's logo on the scoreboard at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show

We're off to the Washington International Horse Show next, where we're sponsoring jumper championships--and the Costume Gambler's Choice class on Thursday. At Washington, we'll be one more place we're super excited about, too: The merch shop. Come shop these awesome WIHS pins.

Pinsnickety's custom Washington International Horse Show number pins

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