Put a charm on it!

Our whimsical charms match our signature Pinsnickety pin designs, but come with clips that can go places even a pin can't! Match them with our pins for a coordinated look the jumper ring. Or use them alone for some subtle personality in the hunter and equitation rings.

Put charms in your hunter braids!

six pinsnickety braid charms in a hunter's mane

pinsnickety clover braid charm in a hunter tail braid

Put a charm on your bonnet!

pinsnickety charm on a bonnet

Put charms on your boots!

pinsnickety flying unicorn charms on dress boot zippers

Put a charm on your bridle!

pinsnickety charm on a bridle

Put some charms in your jumper plaits!

pinsnickety braid charms

 Buckle too big for a clip? 

Don't worry, we've included a matching split ring with every charm. 

pinsnickety charm back showing enclosed black split ring

Personalize your gear by clipping one on your tack, your ring backpack, your apparel zippers, your blankets, your fly bonnet, or any place else that makes you smile. Send us photos of your creative ideas to put a charm on it!

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