Don't Turn Your Back on Our Cactus!

pinsnickety cactus horse show number pin in a pot with a succulent

It's cute, resilient, and a little bit prickly--just like you! Meet our newest horse show number pin: The Cactus

Put our Cactus Pins on your saddle pad, bonnet, hunt coat, braids, backpack or stock tie, and show the competition you can take the heat.

Our Cactus reminds us of one of our all-time favorite SNL sketches: Indoor Gardening Tips From a Man Who's Very Scared of Plants, starring the great Christopher Walken.

If you feel more comfortable around your Cactus pins after gluing on some googly eyes, we understand. 

With its little flower, our Cactus pairs up well with our Purple Poppy pins. MIx and match them--and turn your saddle pad into a greenhouse.

Our Cactus is very photogenic, so do document your spiky look, and tag us in your photos and videos @pinsnickety on Instagram, Facebook--or our new Tiktok.

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