Where Do You Store Your Pinsnickety Pins? Here Are Some Ideas.

Are you accumulating quite the pin collection but not sure where it should live? Here are some ideas about ways to store your pins.

Use a magnet

Pinsnickety pins in a magnet bowl

All of our pins are made of metal that is magnetic. That means they will stick to a magnetized container, like this one designed for screws and other hardware. You can find a dish like this at a hardware store. The only downside? Most of your pins will stick facedown, so you will have to identify them by their shapes instead of their colors. 

The trusty Ziploc bag

 Pinsnickety pins stored in a ziplock bag

You can always save the cards from the pin's product packaging. It's not pretty, but a baggie of pins on cards gets the job done.

Your backpack!

Pinsnickety horse show number pins decorating two veltri sport delaire backpacks

We have long recommended putting pins on your backpack as a way of making your backpack look awesome. But it's also a great way to store the pins between uses and have them on hand at the horse show every day. We particularly like our pins on the straps of the Veltri Sport Delaire backpack, which has individual web compartments that look like they were made to each display one of our pins.

Or... the Pinsnickety "Tack" Trunk

 gif of pinsnickety "tack" trunk opening and closing, showing a variety of horse show number pins inside

But it probably won't surprise you to learn that our #1 recommendation for pin storage is our Pinsnickety "Tack" Trunk. We designed them to hold your whole pin collection and to easily fit in the tray of your full-sized trunk--or a shelf on your wallbox. It can hold all your pins loose--or on cards. And look at the cute Pinsnickety logo on the lid.

Pinsnickety "tack" trunk for storing horse show pins closed

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