See Pinsnickety in Holiday Gift Guides!

Pinsnickety horse show number pins in a christmas stocking near a horse

We happen to think Pinsnickety makes one of the best equestrian gifts out there. But don't just take our word for it.

Check us out in multiple gift guides this season!

In The Chronicle of the Horse's Untacked

"Sure, you could use safety pins to attach your number to your saddle pad. But why do that when you have the option of using a cute and functional set of Pinsnickety pins instead?"

Pinsnickety horse show number pins in the Chronicle of the Horse holiday gift guide

In Sidelines Magazine

In Northeast Equestrian Life

"When it comes to riding, there are many occasions when humor is needed in the saddle. Enter Pinsnickety, the adorable number pins that ad a little whimsy to your show day."

In Equivont (Twice)

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These gift guides didn't all agree on which design was the best gift to give. We think that's because there's a pin for everyone on your list, so there's not just one best design!

Find your own gifts!

Shop our store to find the gift that's right for everyone on your list. We have 20 whimsical pin designs, fun accessories like trucker caps and wooden "tack" trunks, and thoughtful gift bundles.

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