Read All About Pinsnickety in Equivont

We love this interview with our CEO, Meredith Sanger-Katz, on the Equivont website, and we thought you might like to read it too.

Here's our favorite part: 

"Riding is a very humbling sport. You can be the winner one day and fall off the next. You can take the sport seriously, but you have to have a sense of humor. Pinsnickety is for the serious equestrian who likes to have fun. The ups and downs of the sport have taught us to persevere, take setbacks in stride, and to wear our Dumpster Fire pins with pride. (I actually won a national finals wearing my Dumpster Fire pins, which felt perfect!)"

But that's not all. We were also featured twice in the website's gift coverage: Our Rainbow horse show number pins were recommended gift for trainers, and our Drama Llama pins were suggested as a gift for your #horsegirl friends.

Equivont gift guide featuring Pinsnickety Rainbow horse show pins as a gift for trainersequivont holiday gift guide featuring pinsnickety drama llama horse show number pins as a gift for your #horsegirl friends

We are probably biased, but we can't help but agree with Equivont that Pinsnickety makes a terrific gift.

We have lots of our own suggestions for people who might enjoy Pinsnickety holiday gifts--more on that coming soon. But Equivont is right on the main point. Pinsnickety horse show number pins are adorable and versatile. They fit right in a stocking. And there's a design that's perfect for everyone on your list.

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