Our Newest Design: The T-Rex

pinsnickety t-rex horse show number pins on a blue background

Feeling hungry?

Our newest design is ready to devour the competition. He may have short arms, but he has big dreams. Meet our hungry, hungry T-Rex.

The T-Rex is available as a horse show number pin or a matching braid and bridle charm (or a set with both). We recommend against mixing and matching him with our Brontosaurus pin, who told us the new guy makes him nervous.

That new USEF number rule means you need your number any time you school at a horse show show. Our pins are perfect for putting your number anywhere it needs to go, and our T-Rex is just the latest way Pinsnickety is helping to bring a little joy to a slightly annoying new requirement. If you're feeling a bit more mellow, we have other options. You could consider our Rocking Horse, Purple Poppy, Cupcake, or Gem pins.

But if you ride a land shark--or you just like to dominate--he could be the one.


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