Put a Charm on it, Leadline Edition

Our pins and charms can really help tie together that sharp leadline look.
You've got the perfect outfit, the adorable bows, and a hat for the handler. Why not add a little Pinsnickety flair to your littlest rider's lapel or your saintly pony's braids?
Needless to say, we were super thrilled to see our braid charms and horse show number pins in the ring at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show, the premier leadline event of the season.
Congratulations to Savannah Calderone on her win in the older division. Check out her Rainbow Pin and Clover Charm. (And don't sleep on handler and turnout maestro Lizzy Benchoff's dress, either!)
Luke's first leadline, featuring a pinsnickety lightning bolt braid charm
And congratulations to Luke Ferguson on his first horse show ever. Luke's pony wore a Lightning Bolt Charm in a braid.
luke at his first leadline at upperville, wearing a Pinsnickety lightning bolt braid charm, with his mother Jennifer Flora and handler Chad Keenum
Isn't that adorable?
Thanks so much to the adults involved in turning out these kiddos to the nines and sharing these wonderful photos: Lizzy, Jennifer Flora and Chad Keenum (pictured above with Luke) and Jared Calderone (pictured below with Savannah).
savannah and jared calderone in leadline at upperville wearing a pinsnickety rainbow horse show number pin
If you're using our pins or charms in the leadline ring, please send us your photos immediately, or tag us on instagram. We cannot get enough of the cuteness. And if you need some pins or charms to make that happen, we can help.
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