Pinsnickety's Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories With Personality!

The holidays are fast approaching, and we wanted to take the opportunity to recommend some equestrian products that we think are amazing.

At Pinsnickety we're all about showing a little personality. Here are some accessories from other small equestrian brands that we think share the same ethos. 

Mane Jane Carrot Spur Straps $29.95

mane jane carrot spur straps

Mane Jane is another brand that makes great equestrian accessories using enamel. These carrots would match great with our Carrots pins. From far away, no one will know you have a charm on your spur. But up close, they are super cute. We're all for products that make you smile.

Remarkable Leather Goods The Bridle Belt in Grey $79

 remarkable leather goods grey bridle belt

These belts are handmade in Pennsylvania out of gorgeous leather. And the overall styling and stitch pattern warms our hunter princess hearts. But that grey color? Fun without being flashy. Just our style. 

SHADED sun hat $145

Shaded by lizzy benchoff sun hat with tassels

These gorgeous sun hats are all handmade by Lizzy Benchoff, who has a great eye for decorations that make these hats way cooler than the competition. We love this one with its giant tassels. Contact Lizzy for all the latest options.

Veltri Sport Veltri Backpack in "Skull" $258

Veltri back pack with pinsnickety pins on the straps

We're on the record as loving a sparkly skull here at Pinsnickety. We think it brings a little spice to this sleek, stylish backpack. Veltri's backpack is made of recycled materials, and is built to last. We really like its internal helmet pocket, which keeps your hat safe from bumps and bangs. Its shoulders straps also make a great place to display your Pinsnickety collection.

Put a pin on it

Of course of course, we also have our own gift guide for Pinsnickety products, too. Our horse show number pins make terrific stocking stuffers. And our product bundles look great under the tree.

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