Our First Pinsnickety *Custom Order

Pinsnickety will always offer its own line of whimsical pins. But we can also make custom designs for your horse, barn or team.

Check out our very first Pinsnickety *Custom order. Our Customer requested pins depicting a "flying wonder bagel," to reflect the nickname of her jumper. Her early sketch was conceptual, and showed an airborne bagel bespeckled with poppy seeds.

Flying bagel sketch

Pinsnickety's design team worked with her to develop a flying bagel pin that would look great on a saddle pad, a bonnet, or wherever she wants to put one. Together, we came up with a terrific flying bagel pin design that we all loved.

We can work with you to develop a brand new design like the flying bagel--or to make pins with your existing logo or colors. Let us know about your design dreams, and we can help you make them real.

Don't you think the Flying Bagel looks proud?

Our Pinsnickety *Custom pins require a minimum order size of 25 pairs, so they're best for customers who want multiple pairs of their special design. Shoot us a note info@pinsnickety.com, and we'd love to discuss all the details.

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