Our Chili Peppers Bring Some Heat As Temps Start Dropping

pinsnickety chili peppers pins in a bin of hot peppers

What's red and green and hot all over? Christmas in Florida! Sure, but also our new Chili Pepper horse show number pins.

They're here to bring a little spice to your turnout, just as temperatures have started dropping up north. Mix them up with our other fiery designs--like our Hot Sauce, Dragon, or Dumpster Fire horse show pins. 

We happen to think our Chili Peppers make a incendiary holiday gift. We made them Christmas-colored, and they fit perfectly in a stocking.  So pick a pair of Peppers for someone spicy on your list.

If your gift-giving ambitions are larger than a single pair of pins, you can shop our entire holiday shop, full of great gift bundles. 

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