New Charms Are Here!

pinsnickety flying pig, champion, drama llama, and queen bee braid or bridle horse show charms on a blue background

We've been so thrilled with your response to our new charms this summer, so we're rolling out some new ones. These four great charms coordinate with our signature pins, and look good all on their own. 

Meet the new guys: Our Flying Pig, Champion, Drama Llama, and Queen Bee braid and bridle charms.

Grab some, and decorate your bridle, braids, bonnet, boots, backpack, or somewhere else awesome. Our charms are a great way to add a pop of personality to your show ring look--or to just personalize your gear. 

Do tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or (and this is new!) Tiktok, so we can see how creative you are.

If there's a Pinsnickety pin design you're still longing for in charm form, let us know


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