Introducing Pinsnickety CHARMS!!

Meet your three-ring Pinsnickety. Our signature Pinsnickety charms come in designs that match our horse show number pins, but with clips that can go on your braids, bridle, boots, bonnet--and even places that don't begin with a B.

pinsnickety shooting star braid charm bridle bling on a hunter mane

They're subtle enough for the hunter and equitation rings, but can also help tie together a sharp jumper look.

pinsnickety pins and charms on a horse's braids and saddle pad

(Ok, ok, maybe this one is a bit too much. But on the other hand...🤩)

We've launched with six of our signature enamel shapes: the Clover, Crown, Flying Unicorn, Lightning Bolt, Rocket Ship, and Shooting Star. You can shop charms by themselves, or in packs with matching pins. Check out the whole collection, put a charm on it, and tag us @pinsnickety so we can see how great you look.

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