Horseshoes and Carrots and Skulls, Oh My!

pinsnickety horseshoe, skull, and carrots charms in a grey horse's braided mane

We have three fabulous new charms for you. Introducing the Horseshoe, Carrots, and Skull.

All three match our signature horse show number pins, so they're great for you matchy-matchy types. (We even sell them in sets with a Pinsnickety storage bag.)

But these charms also look great on their own. Put one (or three) in your braids, on your bridle, your bonnet, your boots, your backpack, even places that don't begin with a B.

Our charms are special enough to enliven your look from up close. But they're subtle enough to never distract the judge. So add a pop of personality to your turnout, and have some fun on us.

If you need a catchup on the whole charm collection, we have lots more where these came from. 

pinsnickety skull, horseshoe and carrots bridle charms on a blue background

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