Get Your Upperville Pins

They're under the oaks.

Upperville is one of our favorite shows of the year, and we are so delighted to announce our partnership to bring you custom Upperville saddle pad pins. You can earn a pair by winning a jumper classic this week. You can also buy your own exclusively at the horse show merchandise store. Get a pair, and you can show your Upperville pride this week and all year long. 

And if you're looking for our full collection of horse show number pins and braid and bonnet charms, you are in luck! You can shop us with The In Gate and Champion Saddlery on the hunter side and at Ride Equisafe on the jumper side.

At Pinsnickety, we're all about being traditional while showing a little personality. And that's part of why we love being a part of great heritage shows like Upperville. We're sponsors of the hospitality golf cart, which we hope helps make the show more personal and special for everyone there. 

Happy horseshowing!

And congratulations to our friend Taylor Kamataris, who won a 1.20 class out of 55 riders on Tuesday wearing her Upperville pins!

pinsnickety upperville custom horse show number pins on a black saddle pad


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