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Pinsnickety Pins

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Pinsnickety Boom! horse show number pins being put on a saddle pad

When a diaper pin won't do

All of our Pinsnickety pins are custom designed with equestrians in mind. They are secured with locking clasps that are smooth against your horse and will never fall off.

Collect them all!
Pinsnickety's Rainbow horse show number pin on the hunt coat lapel of a leadline rider.

Not just for jumpers

Our pins are made for a horse show number. But they also look great on a stock tie, a hunt coat lapel, a backpack, or anywhere a pin can go.

Put a pin on it!

Even custom

We can design pins with your barn logo, your team mascot--or anything you dream up. If you can buy at least 25 pairs, we can make something awesome just for you.

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Put a charm on it!

Our charms look great on your bridle, braid, bonnet, boot--or any place you want to clip one. And they match our pins so you can buy them in sets.

Turn up the charm!

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